Our collective vision is to rise up a strong and mature company of spiritual people by training and forming the nature and person of Jesus Christ in every heart.   In so doing we will increase our effectiveness progressively in the following three areas:


We are a church that is building in the spirit realm over our community, to dominate spiritual activity and change the spiritual environment that influences our city.   We are achieving this by embracing the apostolic and prophetic outpouring of God’s Spirit through accurate and immediate response to the word and the spirit being revealed in our church family.


We are a church that is building significant influence in our community and the surrounding region by actively involving our lives in the life of the community and its people, to affect eternal and divinely appointed destiny over coming generations.

3.            RESOURCE the WORD and SPIRIT - PROVISION

We are a church that is becoming a divine resource to our city, to the nations & to the wider body of Christ.   We are doing this by allowing the Holy Spirit to fashion the WORD and SPIRIT into our life so we will carry a kingdom mentality about ALL the resources – time, gifts, money, and assets – that God releases into our hands.

We are in partnership with Dr Jonathan David and the International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches (ISAAC) Network. 

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